"AGRI-TRAC Is Your Partner in Lameness Prevention since 1997"


AGRI-TRAC vs Alternatives

Our patented process, bio-security measures and how we calculate invoicing move us a step ahead of the competition. If grooving works so well, why is 65-70% of the floors AGRI-TRAC corrects over grooving and other forms of texturing? Call us to find out why!

Our Patented Procedure

AGRI-TRAC Inc. / AGRI-TRAC US provides “TRACTION MILLING” as a alternative solution to slippery concrete floors and lameness prevention differently than diamond grooving, scarifying, scabbling and rubber.

Grooving Truths and Myths

There is a lot of misleading information that a livestock producer must sift through to get to the actual truth of claims made by grooving suppliers and many academic seminars.

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